How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

The operation of our electric blinds differs from all other blinds. There is no string in our blinds, and there is a tube on the top of the blinds that lifts the weight of the blinds and opens and closes them when needed. We supply power to these blinds through batteries or direct connection with the electricity.

There is a powerful motor in motorized blinds, which operates the opening and closing of the blinds by using energy. We install a very durable motor in our blackout blinds, so there is no need to change the motor even after years because the blinds will definitely work fine.

Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Remote control blinds are very useful for all types of homes, but when you buy electric blinds from us, you will get some extra benefits. Here are some advantages to buying electrically powered blinds from us.

Convenient To Operate

Our motorized blinds are very easy to operate as you can use a remote, or a mobile phone, or even give them voice instructions. You can operate our powerful blinds from a distance from your mobile app even when you are not at home.

Best For Smart Homes

If you want to convert your simple home into a smart home, then our automatic blinds in Curtain UAE are the best solution for you. You can use our blinds to make your home a smart home by controlling the opening and closing of your shades from a distance.

Protect From Sun Damage

The fabric that we use in the making of our blinds is very efficient and can protect your home from the damaging rays of the sun. Our blinds’ fabric never allows harmful rays to enter your place and damage the color and texture of your furniture.

Complete Privacy

Motorized blinds are made in such a way that they can give complete privacy to the place. As they allow you to control them according to your requirements, you can easily control the amount of light entering your place. You can even block a single ray of light from entering your space through blackout blinds.

Motorized Blinds

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